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Monday 10 May

Introduction and conference welcome: 9.45am

Join us by 9.45am each morning to hear the latest news and announcements about the day’s activities

Keynote: 10.00am

Collaborative working  – panel discussion

Today’s keynote brings together a panel of professionals from local authorities and colleges. The panel will explore how best colleges and local authorities can collaborate on a range of issues. They will discuss key questions such as strategic planning, matching supply and demand, measuring progress, ceasing EHCPs, and ensuring effective commissioning.

Delegates will be encouraged to reflect on their own LA-college relationships, and find methods of improving joint planning.


  • Emma Hanson, Senior Commissioning Manager, Kent County Council
  • Paul Morrison, post-16 SEN officer West Sussex County Council and Co-Chair, SE19 SEND Network: PfA Joint Forum
  • Richard Gargon, Principal, St Piers College and former Co-Chair, SE19 SEND Network: PfA Joint Forum
  • Ruth Perry, Senior Policy Manager, Natspec

Short films: 11.50am

Two bite-sized films on topics relevant to Natspec members will be shown, followed by a break.

Informal networking: 12.15pm

An opportunity to chat informally in a breakout room with colleagues with shared interests.

Monday’s session will be organised by region with four breakout rooms:

  1. North West, North East and Yorkshire & Humber
  2. East Midlands and West Midlands
  3. South West, South East and London
  4. Wales

Breakout Session 1: 2.00pm

Delegates can choose to attend one session. The workshops are interactive sessions, whilst the webinars are pre-recorded with a chance for live Q&A.

Webinar: Access to Community and Employment

A viewing of a webinar about the award-winning Access to Community and Employment (ACE) programme at Camphill Wakefield college. Raph Taylor, Supported Employment Manager will be available to give updates on ACE developments and answer your questions.

Workshop 1A: Governance

What is the key purpose of your governing body and what are Ofsted’s expectations for college governance? Have you recruited the right people with appropriate skills to govern the college? What structure should you put in place for governance, and how do you ensure the right level of challenge? This workshop will consider these and other questions raised by Natspec member colleges in our recent survey of training needs. Attend this workshop to discuss ideas and hear good practice examples for working with your governors, dealing with umbrella bodies, governor training and self-assessment.

Workshop 1B: Positive technology outcomes from the last year

Assistive Technologists Fil McIntyre and Neil Beck will guide delegates through good practice examples and positive outcomes from colleges in 5 areas: Digital Skills, Platforms, Learner skills, Flexible working, leadership. Hear more about the TechAbility service and how your college can improve access to the curriculum for your learners through more effective use of technology .

Breakout Session 2: 3.15pm

Webinar: AAC and GDPR

AAC devices store a large amount of data such as names and photos. This data is covered by GDPR legislation. Fil McIntyre discusses how to balance the rights of the AAC user with an organisations’ responsibilities in this tricky area.

Workshop 2: Measuring Therapy outcomes

With Sarah Gummet-Hart.

A group of therapists from across Natspec member colleges have worked together to produce a toolkit to support the measurement of therapy outcomes for students in specialist FE. Find out what’s in the toolkit and how you might use it to demonstrate the impact of therapy in your setting.

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