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These resources will be useful for all staff working with young people with SEND.

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Use what you already have

Phones, tablets and computers have many options built in which learners can use to enable access. The Make technology work for you resource is a series of short videos to show learners and staff how to get the most out of their technology.

Built-in options can also be part of the solution for learners who need assistance to write by using their voice, see their screen more clearly or physically access a device.

All staff should know how to adjust these settings. The Built-in Access course from TechAbility will give them the knowledge to ensure learners can access resources.

Develop your provision

The TechAbility Standards are a great starting point for improving your technology use​. Measure how inclusive and accessible your technology is and develop your knowledge of areas requiring development. The TechAbility Standards can help you quality assure your provision and prepare for inspection​.

Assistive Technology relies on good technology foundations. The Technology and Leadership course looks at what senior leaders can do to support technology across an organisation.

Meet the needs of all learners

Technology can be a great enabler and leveller. TechAbility’s resources inspire staff as to the potential of technology. A large library of Webinar recordings on specific accessiblity topics is freely available. Training courses include:

10 practical steps to include more learners

Supporting Learners’ Assistive Technology at all stages of their college journey

Assistive Technology for Physical Access

Voice control for accessibility

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