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Many specialist colleges have in-house therapy provision. This may include access to Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech and Language Therapists.

Measuring the Outcomes of Therapy Toolkit

Natspec has published an outcome measurement toolkit developed by therapists from across our member colleges.

Finding suitable tools to use with young people with learning difficulties and / or disabilities can be a challenge for therapists working in the specialist FE sector. Our students’ progress can be significant but often comes in the form of very small steps. At the same time, it is vitally important that therapists are able to demonstrate the impact and value of therapy to a number of different stakeholders. This toolkit gives therapists some key resources to help make outcome measurement a little easier.

Therapy Conference 2020

2020’s Natspec Therapy Conference was hosted online and chaired by Ruth Perry from Natspec and Kate Duggan from the Seashell Trust. The agenda for the day was as follows:

  • Barriers faced by therapists working in ISCs in evidencing the impact of their support (Kate Duggan)
  • National audit of therapists in ISCs (Sally Edwards, Natspec Associate)
  • Using telepractice to assess sensory processing difficulties in people with learning disabilities and behaviours of concern (Rachel Johnson, Seashell)
  • Supporting a college-wide approach to total communication (Caroline Gosling, Seashell)

Therapy Conference 2021

A few Therapists put together posters about their practice for the Natspec Therapy Conference held in May 2021.

Remote Therapy

TechAbility produced a webinar about remote therapy during the coronavirus pandemic, with input from Kate Boot (Oakwood Court College) and Martha Currie (Mable Therapy).

Therapists may also be interested in a webinar session Kate hosted entitled Creating and Adapting Resources for Teletherapy.

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