The voice of specialist further education

Our policy priorities

Natspec’s vision is that

all young people with learning difficulties or disabilities can access high quality education and training, which meets their individual needs and supports their aspirations for skills, work and life.

We work to influence UK and Welsh governments to adopt policies which will lead to the realisation of our vision, particularly for young people with more complex needs.

Our priority is to ensure that policy makers consider the full range of learners with learning difficulties and / or disabilities, including those with more complex needs, and that national systems work effectively for all these young people.

We want an FE system that is inclusive of all learners with learning difficulties and / or disabilities and in which specialist colleges are recognised as providers of

  • study programmes for learners with more complex needs including in partnership with general FE colleges
  • specialist services and training to learning providers and other bodies to support the inclusion of young people with more complex needs in further education and wider society.

Current policy priorities

Our policy priorities fall into four main areas:

Consultation responses

Our consultation responses set out in detail specific proposals made to UK and Welsh government in relation to specific aspects of current or planned government policy / reform.

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