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Learner Voice Toolkit

Natspec has developed a Toolkit to support practitioners in developing the voice of learners in their colleges.

It is based on three principles.

The first principle is inclusion and asks colleges to think about what they can do to ensure the voice of all their learners in sought

The second principle is purpose and ask colleges to think about how learner voice activities   will build learners skills for their post-college lives

The third principle is meaningful outcomes asks colleges to think about how learners will  be supported to understand the result of their voice being heard.

The Toolkit includes a best practice checklist to help guide the planning of learner voice activities.

We want to build on these resources and so if you think you can contribute and / or are interested in joining our Learner Voice Practitioner Network contact

Enhancing the Learner Voice

Download the resource here.

Webinar: Are we hearing the learners’ voice?

In this webinar Andrew Evans, Learning Programmes Co-ordinator at National Star College, describes the developments of Learner Voice (LV) work at NSC and the importance placed on recognising and capturing students’ opinions and thoughts using a holistic strategy.

Webinar: The Student Voice, Total Communication, in lockdown and beyond

Head of Education, Matthew Jefferson, introduces the work of Coleg Elidyr’s Student Forum and developments in Student Voice during lockdown and beyond.

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