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External review of RARPA

Natspec Transform offers an external review service for RARPA provision and processes. An external review adds an extra degree of rigour to your quality assurance approach, as well as supporting quality improvement in this area.

While we strongly recommend external peer review, where pairs or small groups of providers externally check each other’s RARPA provision and processes, we know this is not always easy to set up or appropriate for all providers. Sometimes you may prefer the input of an expert consultant rather than a peer. Or you may feel that you don’t yet have sufficient experience to offer your services as a peer reviewer.

This Natspec Transform external review includes:

  • support to self-assess your current approach to RARPA
  • an initial visit by an experienced consultant to undertake an external review of your RARPA processes and provision
  • a comprehensive report based on the visit findings, identifying areas of effective practice and improvements needed

If you wish, you can opt for further support such as

  • help in producing an action plan
  • a follow-up visit to review the progress you’ve made post-review
  • feedback on RARPA policies or tools devised as a result of the review.

Our consultants use the external review process and tools and RARPA standards and criteria published in the Guidance On How To Quality Assure RARPA In Provision For Learners With Learning Difficulties, 2015, available on the Education and Training Foundation’s SEND Exhibition Site.


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