Lewis’s story: specialist provision allows him to thrive

Employability Pathway based at a working pub allows Lewis to gain skills & experience

Lewis’s story: specialist provision allows him to thrive

5th August 2019

Prior to coming to Landmarks College Lewis attended mainstream colleges, where his motivation was limited, and he did not make the expected level of progression and his placement finished.

Lewis preparing a burger in the pub kitchenLewis joined Landmarks in September 2018 and enrolled onto their Employability Pathway based at The Archer, which is a full working pub staffed by people with learning disabilities. His Pathway was particularly geared towards preparing him for a career working in a bar and kitchen of a public house. After his baseline assessment we agreed a clear pathway to success, in so much that Lewis needed to work to develop his functional English and mathematics skills, so that he could write down food orders legibly and navigate the menu timings when cooking food for customers, by gaining a greater understanding of time, measurements and fundamental cookery skills.

Lewis has the desire to work within the kitchen section of a pub/bar, he has a natural ‘can do’ attitude, willingness to work with others and exudes passion and a real desire to get a paid job. This disposition has developed over his time at The Archer, with Lewis developing an understanding of banter, learning to take constructive criticism and recognising what steps he needed to take to improve his performance. Initially Lewis would struggle to take on comments about his performance, focussed on the negatives and couldn’t easily identify the steps needed to overcome and improve his performance.

Lewis is now one of the more confident team members and is routinely taking orders from customers, serving drinks and making food with reducing levels of support as his confidence and competence continues to improve.

Because of all his hard work, Lewis is on track to achieve an Award in Hospitality and Catering, as well as improving his level in mathematics and English, which are so crucial to maintaining future employment.

Lewis’ progress has been such that he is now accessing an external placement one day a week in a pub close to where he lives, where if successful, could lead to supported or independent paid employment.

His tutor says “Lewis has done exceptionally well, improved in many areas and is working hard to further develop his numeracy and English skills in the work environment. He is eager to secure paid employment and has the right attitude. I am confident with this continued determination, Lewis will be successful in this area of work.

You can watch Lewis demonstrate his skills in the following video shot at The Archer.