Freedom to move on her own

Hazel, from Beaumont College

Freedom to move on her own

25th January 2017

When Hazel arrived at Beaumont she had a manual wheelchair which she could self-propel for short distances. She depended on support staff to assist with mobility when out in the community and within larger indoor environments.

Following her OT assessment, Hazel was supported by her occupational therapist at college to have some one-to-one trial lessons using a college indoor powered wheelchair.

She worked hard to develop her attention and concentration and increase her driving skills. The college OT then supported Hazel to apply for a powered wheelchair from local wheelchair services.

Whilst on the waiting list for a power chair Hazel continued to build up her driving skills in college with her support staff. Once she received her own indoor/outdoor power chair

Hazel worked hard with her support staff and her OT to develop her driving skills.

Now she can drive with minimal prompts and supervision in community environments and on public transport.

Hazel has worked with her key worker to have a balance of using both her manual wheelchair and her power chair to maintain her self-propelling skills as well as allow her to be as independent as possible using her power chair

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