EHCPs and High Needs in FE: the key facts

The data points to ever increasing student numbers in both general and specialist further education.

EHCPs and High Needs in FE: the key facts

27th November 2019

Natspec has collated some of the recent data on SEND and further education. The latest round of data points to the continuation of trends that have been previously identified.

The increase in number of children and young people with EHC plans has largely been driven by 16-25 year olds; students 16-25 now represent 22% of all EHCPs. The rise in 20-25 year olds with EHCPs is not as sharp as last year, but it is continuing to increase.

The number of young people with EHCPs in further education continues to increase, up to 57,000 in 2019 (an increase of just over 10,000 students).

Of young people who are High Needs funded, the number placed in General FE colleges continues to rise to 27,496 this year. The number of young people placed in specialist colleges also continues to rise, increasing by 1000 students to 5224 total. The proportion of students aged 16-25 educated in special schools continues to decline, but the overall number holds steady.

There are now 127 SPIs in England, up from 107 in June 2018. 108 are funded by the ESFA. Natspec has 94 full member colleges.

You can read our full summary of the pertinent data below