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Inclusion College's Post-16 Programme is for students with an EHCP and require a tailored FE programme in a supportive learning environment.
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Inclusion College
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    16 – 25


General Description

We support young people with an EHCP from ages 16-25, provinding support for mental health, social, emotional and addtional learning needs. 

Catchment Area

Based in Hook, Hampshire we are availble to any young person in the local geographical area and surrounding counties. 


As part of Inclusion Hampshire, Inclusion College has developed a bespoke, adaptable and empowering curriculum for its students based on 10 years of experience working with young people with mental health needs, ASC and trauma.

For the students who attend Inclusion Hampshire, mainstream education has not been accessible, causing anxiety, school refusal and deterioration in mental health and wellbeing. Our curriculum is designed to rebuild a positive educational experience and equip them with the skills, strategies and confidence for a fulfilling, independent adult life. As well as qualifications in English and Maths, Employability Skills and Personal wellbeing, we offer support with a wide range of vocational and distance learning courses.

At Inclusion College, our vision is of a society where disadvantaged young people are supported within the local community and empowered to reach their full potential. 

Our values are reflected within our bespoke, tailored curriculum: 

  • Valuing and engaging vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in our community 
  • Promoting inclusion and education 
  • Reducing the stigma around mental health 
  • Delivery that is open and transparent and strength based 
  • Working in partnership with all sectors within society

Our Work Skills & Employability programme is designed with the needs of our students at its forefront and recognises that each student makes progress in their own time. Student feedback is sought and continuously improves the relevance and quality of our education.
We offer a portfolio-based qualification from our awarding organisation, NOCN, that covers topics such as applying for jobs and courses, using communication skills in the workplace, and preparing for and taking part in an interview. Qualification levels range from Entry Level to Level 2.
Our Opportunities Facilitator and student’s Key staff member work on Personal Development Plans to enable access to work experience opportunities, personalised careers guidance and an understanding of the local labour market.

Specialist Facilities

Inclusion College provides a warm, inclusive, welcoming and friendly environment designed to support our students individual needs. 

Other Information

In additon to our curriculum we offer access to creative arts programmes including music, art and drama.

At IC we use art therapy in a range of ways to engage and support our students. The art room can act as a haven of creativity for our students – offering both individual works on projects and pieces which they have expressed an interest in or more directed works to support their creativity. Many of our projects have cross curricula links and we also link in our projects with many of the awareness days and events we mark throughout the year.

Our drama sessions are often used in conjunction with topics we are looking at such as awareness days and events which seek to explore and expand knowledge and understanding of the world around us - such as anti-bullying, Black History month, Pride month, Holocaust memorial day. These sessions also help to develop and grow students confidence, self-worth and ability to internact and support relationships with peers. 

Our bespoke music sessions are tailored towards the interest of the students to support their interest and engagement with the subject. This medium again supports confidence, self-worth, communications skills and also an outlet for emotional expression. 

We are also developing our Assistive Technology programme. The aim of the programmes is to increase our students’ confidence and independence, in preparation for adult life. Assistive technology is already widely embedded within the academic teaching at the College, for example with use of laptops , use of graphic overlays on screen and other technology that makes the learning more accessible.
However, an emerging area for us is the use of apps and devices to increase our students’ independence in the wider community. This is a unique and innovative programme.

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