Shadow Minister sets out Labour’s vision for education

Delegates hear Labour’s plan for National Education Service

Shadow Minister sets out Labour’s vision for education

26th April 2018

MP laments the failure of the SEND reforms: “A bureaucratic nightmare”

Emma Lewell-Buck MP, the Shadow Minister for Children and Families, spoke at Natspec’s 2018 Conference promising delegates that Labour would create a National Education Service that provided for all children and young people, giving them the support they deserved: “When funding and support is denied, education is also denied”.  The focus of the speech was very much about inclusion, giving delegates the initial impression that Labour policy was to educate all learners in mainstream settings, whatever their level of need. Later in the speech, Emma Lewell-Buck clarified her position, saying “we want choice across specialist and mainstream: we want both on an equal footing”. Speaking passionately about the subject, she told the conference that it was her personal and political mission to work hard to correct the failings of the system, which had become a “bureaucratic nightmare” for parents and families, despite the best intentions of the legislation.

The Shadow Minister left the conference with a set of invitations from delegates and a promise to visit as many colleges as she could, in a drive to increase the Labour Party’s understanding about the sector and ensure a college contribution to Labour’s consultation on their new Education Policy.

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