Natspec Games 2019 – Yorkshire and Humber

A day of inclusive sport in the Yorkshire and Humber region

Natspec Games 2019 – Yorkshire and Humber

16th August 2019

The Natspec Games is a national sports competition that aims to provide inclusive sporting opportunities for young people with SEND. It is run in partnership with AoC Sport and is supported by Sport England. 2019 marks the fourth time the Natspec Games has run, this time in five different locations.

Yorkshire and Humber Games

serving a tennis ballThe fourth event in the Natspec Games 2019 calendar took place on a day with blue skies and sunshine, heralding a day full of success.

Communication Specialist College Doncaster (CSCD) tutor John Nugent and his team oversaw the day’s events. Joining them was Natspec Games co-ordinator Shannon Howarth from AoC Sport. Everyone expected a high turnout.

With a wide range of activities available, the day promised to be a fast-paced roller coaster of fun. Representatives from 8 colleges across the region participated in the event, including: Camphill College, Linkage College, Landmarks College, Portland College, Homefield College, Henshaws College, John Leggott College, and the host college CSCD.

Tutors and support staff from the host college were on hand to ensure all ran smoothly. So were 16 volunteer sports students from New College, Pontefract. Proceedings got off to a relaxed start with an enthusiastic team talk. The simple instruction was to ‘enjoy the day, encourage the participants not to worry, and not to focus too much on competition, just have fun!’

A student cyclingAs is traditional with each venue, a host of activities was available. Favourites such as Tennis, Boccia, Football, Cycling, and Curling all proved popular. There were also new offerings of Mini Athletics, Volleyball and Military Training.

Everyone enjoyed the variety of activities on offer at CSCD. As was the case with the other Natspec Games 2019 venues, there’s always a clear favourite. Here, Military Training captured the imagination and excitement of the students. Lead by ex-soldier Aaron Leggett and his young team of military tutors, the aim was to improve the QPD (Quality Personal Development) of students. They did this by offering a range of replicated army training to inspire, build confidence and challenge individuals to try something new. The enthusiasm to participate was infectious! The delight and determination of the students was evident. Fuelled by the encouragement and praise of young tutors, all enjoyed themselves.

Football skills and volleyball ensured that the team spirit and camaraderie shone through. There was a non-competitive focus to the day. But a little bit of competition boosted the element of excitement for the students.

One of the highlights of the day was the unique opportunity for a bird’s eye photo. All the students gathered together on the tennis courts to be photographed from the unique vantage point of the sports hall balcony.

Large group of students cheeringIt was yet another successful sunny day. Tired yet happy students headed home with medals in hand. All thanks to CSCD who supplied an exceptionally well thought out and inclusive day.

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