Tay’s Story: Finding Retail Success

Embracing opportunities in work placements

Tay’s Story: Finding Retail Success

12th August 2019

Tay scanning clothing Tay has been working extremely hard on her world of work journey this year at Fairfield Farm College. Tay works at Tesco Express Westbury Leigh on Mondays and Tesco Extra in Trowbridge on Tuesdays.

At Tesco Extra Tay works in the clothes section sorting out clothing sizes and putting clothes out on display. Tay also used the stock gun to scan items that need to go out onto the shop floor.

Whilst at Tesco Express Tay does such tasks as tagging where she puts security labels onto more expensive items and also sorts out the stock cages and helps to stock the shelves.

Tay really likes working in retail and wants to work in a supermarket in her home town when she finishes Fairfield Farm College. Tesco have been amazing supporting our students on work placements.

Tay arranging a display of shoes