Inclusive Skills Competitions 2018

Read about this year’s Inclusive Skills competitions at WSUK Live.

Inclusive Skills Competitions 2018

26th November 2018

We’d like to thank all organisations that participated in the Inclusive Skills competitions at World Skills UK Live as a competition organising partner and/or sponsor. We’d like to especially thank learners and their support staff for attending and participating and showcasing the incredible range of talent from competitors with special education needs and disabilities.

Here are the Inclusive Skills finalists and medallists from this year’s inclusive skills competition.


Conner Jones (Gold – Joint)

Thomas Neagle (Gold – Joint)

Bonnie Amato (Silver)

Bronagh Boothman (Bronze)

Adam FfoulkesFenner

Dean Scott

Georgia Tugwell

Jessica Laing

Christopher Burn-McCrossan


Caitlyn McPhee (Gold)

Shane Thomas (Silver)


Thomas Docherty (Gold)

Georgina Scott (Silver)

Nakita Clark (Bronze)

Bethany Lewis

Will Robson

Nahla Saeed

Health and Social Care

Natasha Sheppard (Gold)

Amber Skyes (Silver)

Georgia Harley (Bronze)

Louie Carabine

Shane Miles

Lauren Boyd


Cameron McCrimmon (Gold)

Epiphiny Matchwick (Silver)

Adam Noke (Bronze – Joint)

Einaras Macijaukas (Bronze – Joint)


Amardeep Dadral (Gold)

Harmony Cockram (Silver)

Ryan Laing (Bronze)

Aaron Hannant


Emma Denshem (Gold)

Hayden Brown (Gold)

Lewis Drasdo (Gold)

Sam Sheppard (Silver-Joint)

Cerys Coleman (Silver-Joint)

Jarrard Thomas-Gilbert (Silver-Joint)

Molly Boughey (Silver-Joint)

James Coates (Silver-Joint)

Bily Taylor (Bronze)

Terrance Johnson (Bronze)

Toby Baker (Bronze)

Cameron Eady

James Wheeler

Restaurant Service

Liam Barron (Gold)

Dalton McCoy (Silver)

Anna Roberts (Bronze)

Carter Gough


Shane Ellis (Gold)

Iestyn Vaughan (Silver)

James Deacon (Bronze)

Louise Keevil, Natspec’s Inclusive Skills lead commented, ‘I am so pleased and proud that we have been initiated and led the Inclusive Skills competitions so that they are now ready to be handed over to WorldSkills UK – this is a huge step closer to being truly inclusive.  This year we had 60 students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) showcasing their skills across 10 skill areas at WorldSkills UK Live.  Competitions are a fantastic vehicle for raising aspirations and showing employers the talent that is available to them.  We don’t accept the low (5.8%) paid employment rate for adults with SEND and competing in the same arena as young people without SEND gives us a fighting chance of changing this.  There is still much-untapped opportunity around skills competitions but this is a very positive start.’

All competitors performed fantastically and demonstrated that people with disabilities provide incredible value to potential employers in the light of a widening disability employment gap. Browse the images below to see some of the talent showcased at the Inclusive Skills show on Saturday.