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Maths Week 2020

Welcome to Maths Week 2020

***Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Maths Week 2020 will still take place. We will use it to showcase all the meaningful maths activity that is happening at the moment.***

What is Natspec Maths Week?

Natspec’s Maths Week is all about bringing to the fore maths teaching and learning for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities. It gives tutors from across the post-16 sector the opportunity to share practice and celebrate achievements in an important – but sometimes challenging – area of the curriculum. And learners get the chance to have some fun with maths and show off their skills!

When is Natspec Maths Week 2020 happening?

Natspec’s Maths Week 2020 runs from 11 – 15 May. It is timed to coincide this year with National Numeracy Day which is taking place on Wednesday 13 May.

What is this year’s theme?

This year we have chosen as our theme ‘Meaningful Maths’. We want to highlight the maths skills needed for everyday tasks at home, in the community or in the workplace. In taking this focus, we are building on some exciting work that Natspec and some of our member colleges did for the Education and Training Foundation late in 2019. Our brief was to create a resource pack designed to help teachers make English and maths come alive for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities by linking these skills explicitly to their own individual ambitions for the future. You can check out the resource pack we created on the Excellence Gateway SEND Exhibition Site.

How can we get involved?

Maths Week is all about making the most of maths with your learners – and sharing your practice with other people through Twitter. Anyone involved in maths teaching or support for post-16 learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities is welcome to get involved. You don’t need to be a Natspec member.

With your own learners, you could:

  • run maths-based competitions for learners (who can: find the heaviest potato; run on the spot the longest; find an item of food in their cupboard with the furthest away use-by date?)
  • set individual maths challenges for specific learners
  • set up online maths games activities to be used for fun or as part of wellbeing support
  • invite parents/carers or supporters who may have their own negative experience of maths learning to take part in fun maths activities alongside the learner
  • ask all teachers (whatever their subject) to put an explicit focus on the maths involved in their sessions during this week
  • create visuals which show learners the maths involved in key tasks associated with particular vocational areas
  • organise an online drop-in session for all the different staff across your setting who are involved in teaching maths to learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities to swap resources and ideas
  • try out the Make it Meaningful CPD session with a group of vocational or life skills teachers (it can be done remotely!)
  • use our Maths Week logo to badge everything connected with Maths Week across your organisation.

These are just a few ideas. You will almost certainly have plenty more of your own!

To share what you are doing beyond your own setting:

  • use your department/faculty or organisational Twitter feed to share details of what you and your learners are up to – short summaries, photos, and images are all useful – and share links to helpful home learning maths resources
  • have learners use their own learner Twitter account to do the same or arrange for them to stage a Maths Week take-over of an organisational or departmental account (For advice on setting up a learner Twitter account, see the Meaningful Maths and English resource pack)
  • use the hashtag #MeaningfulMaths on all your tweets – plus #NationalNumeracyDay on 13 May – to help people locate fellow Natspec Maths Week participants
  • send your Maths Week stories to us for inclusion in our special newsletter to be circulated across the sector after the event.
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