The voice of specialist further education

Full Membership – Specialist Colleges

Full Membership is open to specialist providers only. These include:

  • ESFA funded Specialist Post 16 Institutions (SPIs) in England
  • Specialist FE Colleges in Wales
  • Equivalent organisations in Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Other organisations, including independent learning providers, which provide state-funded Further Education (post-school), and where the significant majority of the education provision has been established for students with learning difficulties and disabilities, and there are at least 10 high needs students with the provision named in their Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP).


Consultancy, advice and support:

  • A FREE consultancy visit from experts from TechAbility, our Assistive Technology service
  • Advice and guidance on completing the ILR
  • FREE consultancy to support you with an appeal to ESFA if your college loses money as a result of the ESFA condition of funding
  • Access to quality health check and consultancy support for teaching, learning, assessment and support
  • Advice, guidance and support from Natspec staff and other Natspec colleges on a range of policy, funding and curriculum issues.

Promotion and PR:

  • A page for your college on the Natspec website.
  • Your college included in the Natspec directory (updated every two years). The directory is sent to careers advisers, schools and LAs, and widely used by young people and their families.
  • The chance to feature good news stories and achievements in our monthly Natspec Highlights. We also publish case studies from our colleges.

The voice of specialist further education:

  • Your views represented to Government in response to policy proposals and consultations.
  • Representation on a wide range of national organisations within the FE system.
  • Links into regional groups and national networks of similar providers.
  • You receive full voting rights and the opportunity to stand as a Board member.

Training, advice and guidance:

  • Discounted entry on all Natspec training and events
  • Policy forums: on employment, care, HR, quality, publicity, finance and more
  • Quality Times: a comprehensive newsletter with advice, guidance and case studies to help you improve your provision
  • Regional meetings and benchmarking opportunities, including the opportunity to join a peer review and development group
  • TechAbility: a comprehensive service to improve your technology infrastructure and AT services, including webinars and training events. You also have access to bespoke consultancy and in-house training to ensure your students have the most appropriate AT equipment and support.
  • Natspec Transform: Outstanding value-for-money CPD, training, networking and consultancy service enabling you to develop your staff, including as trainers and facilitators
  • National conferences and events: you receive a free residential place at our 2 day annual conference. You also receive free places to use at networks and forums.
  • CEO briefing: Fortnightly updates on issues of direct relevance to the sector
  • Support for quality improvement through networks, peer working groups, national events and forums

Projects and partnerships:

  • Members get involved in the delivery of cross-sector projects.
  • Significantly discounted cost of AoC membership if requested
  • Focus weeks: for example Work Experience Week, Maths Week
  • Natspec Games: bring your students to one of our sport events, showcasing participation and achievement in sport.
  • Student Parliament: including students in policy making at the highest level, with a partnership with NUS to support student representation.


Membership is charged on a yearly basis, running from April 1 to March 31. Membership costs are dependent on the total number of learners educated within your provision:

  • Under 30 learners: £1,750
  • 31 – 65 learners: £2,950
  • 66 – 100 learners: £4,200
  • 101+ learners: £5,500

Membership fees are not subject to VAT.


Apply for Full Natspec Membership: for specialist providers

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