St Elizabeth’s College

We are an independent specialist college providing further education for young adults with learning difficulties and complex needs.
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St Elizabeth’s College
Perry Green
Much Hadham
SG10 6EW
  • Course Length (weeks):
  • Residential or Day:
    Residential and day
  • Start Time:
  • Maximum Number of Students:
  • Age Range:
    19 – 25



General Description

St. Elizabeth’s is a 'Good' (Ofsted November 2017) independent specialist College providing further education for young adults with learning difficulties and complex needs. 

The curriculum provides learners with the opportunity to develop skills for adulthood through a range of Vocational, Work Related learning and development of independent living skills. Learners are supported to develop their independence skills through an holistic programme of health, therapy and care.

The College offers young people, aged 19-25 with a range of special educational needs including epilepsy, the opportunity to develop independent living skills, work-related learning skills and skills for adulthood. The college brings together learning, housing, care and health, into an holistic programme and a lifestyle experience which mirrors that to which the learners might aspire. The majority of learners have 52 week Housing Association license agreements in Much Hadham with rights and responsibilities as tenants at the heart of their learning and attend 37 weeks of formal college.

Expertise in meeting the needs of students with: epilepsy and/or associated neurological conditions; autism spectrum disorder; autism spectrum disorder with associated challenging behaviour; behavioural difficulties; emotional difficulties; mental health needs; profound and complex needs, severe learning difficulties; moderate learning difficulties.

Catchment Area

Learners attending St. Elizabeth's College come from all areas of the country.  Whilst we are based in Hertfordshire there is no restriction on recruiting learners from different counties.


Opportunities to:  follow an individualised personal development programme; follow vocational qualifications; participate in community activities and to learn about citizenship; look after themselves more independently; improve English, mathematics and communication skills; develop information technology skills; promote appropriate behaviour; take part in a wide range of social, leisure and sporting activities.  There are three pathways of learning and these are developed to meet learners individual needs through a bespoke timetable of learning activities and opportunities.  Our provision also offers accreditation, however this is not the driver for the curriculum, but enhances our offer and supports our young people to build a passport of progress they can take with them at graduation.

The extra curriculum offer includes enrichment which has a wide range of exciting experiences.  Learners are encouraged to take part and actively engage in opportunities to fundraise, attend religious events and celebrate every achievement throughout the year.

Specialist Facilities

St. Elizabeth's College provides: in-house medical provision; supported living provision linked to the academic year and beyond the academic year; waking night staff; in-house nursing services; a range of therapeutic services; extensive use of assistive and adaptive technologies; help with finding suitable long term provision.

  • > Our expertise

    We have expertise in meeting the needs of students with:

    • Epilepsy and/or associated neurological conditions
    • Autism spectrum disorder
    • Autism spectrum disorder with associated challenging behaviour
    • Behavioural difficulties
    • Communication difficulties
    • Emotional difficulties
    • Mental health needs
    • Severe learning difficulties
    • Profound and multiple learning difficulties
    • Multi-sensory impairment
    • Moderate learning difficulties
  • > Our curriculum

    We offer:

    • A personal development programme
    • Opportunities to follow vocational qualifications
    • Opportunities for students to participate in community activities and to learn about citizenship
    • A programme to help students to look after themselves more independently
    • Opportunities to improve literacy, numeracy and/or communication skills
    • Opportunities to use and develop information technology skills
    • Opportunities to develop strategies to promote appropriate behaviour
    • Opportunities to take part in a wide range of social, leisure and sporting activities
    • Opportunities for work experience
    • A programme to enable students to learn more about themselves and how to form relationships
  • > Our specialist services

    • In-house medical provision
    • Residential provision linked to the academic year
    • Residential provision extending beyond the academic year
    • Waking night residential staff
    • In-house nursing services
    • A range of therapeutic services
    • Extensive use of assistive and adaptive technologies
    • Help with finding suitable long term provision

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