Communication Specialist College Doncaster

Specialist provision in relation to hearing impairment, autism, learning disabilities and other communication needs
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Communication Specialist College Doncaster
Leger Way
South Yorkshire
  • Course Length:
    38 weeks per year
  • Residential or Day:
    Residential and day
  • Course Dates:
    Enrolment throughout the year
  • Maximum Number of Students:
    200 maximum
  • Age Range:
    16 - 60 years
  • Other Locations:



General Description

Communication Specialist College - Doncaster provide individualised programmes of study for students who are deaf, hearing impaired, have an Autistic Spectrum Condition or a communication difficulty. There are a wide range of vocational courses delivered in real work environments. We have a multi-disciplinary approach with on-site therapists and specially trained staff. Students are supported to develop their social and independence skills in college and out in the local community. Our transition pathway ensures students are guided into their future lives with skills to reach their goals and aspirations.    


Vocational pathways provide industry-focused learning environments to prepare students for the work place and ensure they have the core skills required to succeed.

Courses available include: media and office technology, computers, catering and hospitality, construction, horticulture, sports and leisure studies, hairdressing and beauty, health, education and social studies, motor vehicle and photography.

Drama, rebound therapy, assertiveness, independent travel and supported work experience are also on offer.
The students are able to follow personalised timetables which meet their needs, wants and aspirations. The pathways provide opportunities to develop skills that enable students to participate as citizens within the community and where possible within the work place.

Students who require life skills and have moderate to severe learning difficulties have personalised learning programmes. Students are given opportunities to develop their social, communication and independent living skills. The holistic approach is aimed at increasing confidence and self-esteem whilst developing the skills they need to express their views and opinions to make informed choices.

Specialist Facilities

Communication support
Person-centred plans
Teachers of the deaf
Mental health nurse
On-site nurse
Counselling service
Autism specialists
Behaviour management team
Transition co-ordinator
Speech and language therapy
British Sign Language
Employment liaison

  • > Our expertise

    We have expertise in meeting the needs of students with:

    • Communication difficulties
    • Expertise in meeting the needs of d/Deaf students
    • Expertise in meeting the needs of students who use British Sign Language
    • Autism spectrum disorder
    • Moderate learning difficulties
    • Mental health needs
    • Emotional difficulties
    • Severe learning difficulties
  • > Our curriculum

    We offer:

    • Opportunities to follow vocational courses
    • A personal development programme
    • Opportunities to improve literacy, numeracy and/or communication skills
    • Opportunities to prepare for work after college
    • A programme to enable students to learn more about themselves and how to form relationships
    • A programme to help students to look after themselves more independently
    • A transition programme into independent living
    • Opportunities to take part in a wide range of social, leisure and sporting activities
  • > Our specialist services

    • An understanding of the importance to young people of deaf community and culture
    • Residential provision linked to the academic year
    • In-house speech and language therapy
    • A range of therapeutic services
    • Specialist training to enable independent travel
    • Guidance and counselling services
    • Specialist staff to meet personal care requirements
    • In-house medical provision

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