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Profound and multiple learning disabilities, communication disorders, complex health needs, autism
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Bridge College
Whitworth Street
M11 2GR
  • Course Length (weeks):
    37 weeks
  • Residential or Day:
  • Start Time:
    September in each academic year
  • Maximum Number of Students:
  • Age Range:
    16 – 25



General Description

Bridge is a day college where you'll have a bespoke individualised learning programmes designed to meet your needs and aspirations. Multi-disciplinary assessments both on entry and throughout the your journey ensure that you'll follow an educational pathway that promotes learning. We have high expectations and work hard with you, your family and external partners to ensure that you'll have the opportunity for further learning, community inclusion and better life outcomes. We can provide work experience, Supported Internships, volunteering opportunities and enterprise activities as well as a range of experiences to support the development of your independence skills.

Catchment Area

We are a regional provider accepting learners from across the North West area. 


Together we develop individual learning plans shaped to suit each student’s interests, needs and aspirations. So everyone leaves with the skills and self-confidence for their future.

  • We treat everyone as an individual. Create your own learning and support plan based on your aspirations
  • Think about what you love to do, then choose from a broad range of vocational subjects to suit your interests
  • Celebrate your own version of success, whether that’s communicating with more confidence or working towards an accredited qualification
  • Get all the support you need to achieve your ambitions. From state-of-the-art facilities, to specialist communication tools, to a multi-skilled team of nurses, therapists and assistive technologists
  • Take part in our work experience and supported internship programmes

We have lots of different subjects on offer to help you develop your skills in practical and realistic ways. These include: Sport, Art, PHSE, ICT, Community Access, Media, Catering, Horticulture, Music and Sensory Experiences.

You’ll also get to develop your work related skills in a way that suits you. Practice following task-based routines and instructions. Learn new work skills by helping us run the Bridge College print shop and café. Or access on-the-job training through work placements and our supported internship programme.

With our support, you’ll learn new life skills to build your confidence and independence for the future. Go from making simple snacks to cooking delicious meals for family and friends.

Learn how to take care of your wellbeing, from healthy eating and exercise to staying safe online. And understand how to travel in and around your local community. You can also build your confidence when it comes to communication, through things like makaton, symbols and objects of reference.

Specialist Facilities

Hydrotherapy pool, sensory immersive environment – light and sound, rebound therapy room, sensory integration room, training catering kitchen – rise and fall learning stations, horticultural studies – accessible greenhouse, raised beds, wildflower gardens, specialist IT suite and a wide range of assistive technologies.

We also offer a surgery and medical room, spacious highly specialised hygiene rooms throughout, tracking throughout the building, specialist teachers, support workers, paramedics, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational and speech and language therapists, psychologists and assistive technologists.

We offer access to the full range of vocational facilities through our partner further education colleges and a wide variety of work experience placements.

Other Information

Supported Internships can help you learn the skills you need to progress to a paying job. We partner with many different employers to create a fully supported, hands-on training programme for young people aged 16 to 25. The internships last 12 to 24 months, and are based mainly in the workplace. You can follow accredited units, develop essential literacy and numeracy skills, and build your confidence in the workplace. We match your skills, interests and aspirations to find the right workplace for you. We will ensure that you're supported every step by a personal tutor, a mentor in the workplace and a Job Coach. 

  • > Our expertise

    We have expertise in meeting the needs of students with:

    • Communication difficulties
    • Acquired brain injury
    • Multi-sensory impairment
    • Asperger syndrome
    • Expertise in meeting the needs of students who are blind or visually impaired
    • Autism spectrum disorder
    • Severe autism spectrum disorder
    • Epilepsy and/or associated neurological conditions
    • Profound and multiple learning difficulties
    • Autism spectrum disorder with associated challenging behaviour
    • Severe learning difficulties
    • Behavioural difficulties
    • Emotional difficulties
    • A wide range of physical disabilities
    • Moderate learning difficulties
    • Expertise in meeting the needs of students who have specific learning difficulties
  • > Our curriculum

    We offer:

    • A hospitality and catering curriculum
    • A performing arts curriculum
    • A specialised land-based curriculum
    • Opportunities to explore a range of living options after college
    • Opportunities to follow vocational courses
    • A programme to help students to look after themselves more independently
    • Opportunities to prepare for further training after college
    • Opportunities to follow vocational qualifications
    • A personal development programme
    • Opportunities to attend local further education colleges with support
    • A social skills programme
    • Opportunities to prepare for work after college
    • Opportunities to improve and develop communication skills through the use of Alternative and Augmentative Communication aids
    • Opportunities to improve literacy, numeracy and/or communication skills
    • Opportunities to experience real work situations
    • A transition programme into independent living
    • A transition programme into supported or open employment
    • Opportunities to take part in a wide range of social, leisure and sporting activities
    • Opportunities to take part in a range of business activities
    • Opportunities for students to participate in community activities and to learn about citizenship
    • A programme to enable students to learn more about themselves and how to form relationships
    • Opportunities for work experience
    • Opportunities to use and develop information technology skills
    • Opportunities to experiment with sound, touch, smell and sight in order to aid learning
    • Opportunities to develop strategies to promote appropriate behaviour
    • Opportunities to improve communication skills such as the use of Makaton, Bliss, symbols or objects of reference
  • > Our specialist services

    • Extensive use of assistive and adaptive technologies
    • Sessions to improve posture and mobility
    • An understanding of the importance to young people of deaf community and culture
    • Specialist staff to meet personal care requirements
    • Help with finding suitable long term provision
    • Specialist training to enable independent travel
    • Specialist orientation and mobility training to enable independent travel
    • In-house occupational therapy
    • In-house speech and language therapy
    • In-house psychology services
    • A range of therapeutic services
    • In-house physiotherapy
    • In-house psychiatric services
    • In-house nursing services
    • In-house medical provision

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