The S41 symbol explained

The S41 symbol next to most of the colleges in the directory means that they are on the Secretary of State’s Approved List.

This list was developed as part of the Children and Families Act 2014. It means that some parts of the Act apply to these institutions and colleges.

The duties are:

  • Local authorities must include information about S41 Approved colleges in their Local Offer
  • Colleges on the S41 list must work with LAs about their arrangements for young people with special education needs or disabilities.
  • Young people and/or their parents can request that one of the S41 colleges be named on their Education, Health and Care Plan. If named, the LA must then secure the place and the college must admit them. This means that S41 specialist colleges are treated the same as any general Further Education college.

It is possible to request a specialist college that is not S41 approved in the plan. However, the LA has no duty to secure the place.

This means that when you are considering a specialist college, you have some additional rights if the college you choose is on the S41 Approved list. In all cases, the most important thing is to find the college that is right for you.

Useful resources

You can download the full list, including all S41 approved post-16 providers and schools, here:

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