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Building a SEND curriculum without qualifications

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10 October 2023
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
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This live session, facilitated by Natspec, will introduce participants to the concept of a curriculum without qualifications, the benefits, and potential problems and how to deliver an effective, challenging, and creative curriculum that has a positive impact on learners with SEND.

There will be opportunities to hear from an outstanding college about their approach to a curriculum that empowers their learners and from parents and staff at another provider who have seen the impact this approach can have.

Who is this for?

This course is for Senior Leaders, SEND Managers, Course Leaders, Teachers, Learning support Managers, Learning support and SENCOs.

This training is intended to provide information to further education colleges who are interested and can see the importance of personalised learning for learners with SEND.

We hope to engage SEND providers to attend who are new to creating a curriculum focussed on learner progression and achievement without formal qualifications. This course is also for those providers whose curriculums have traditionally focussed on qualifications and wish to make the switch to non-accredited curriculums . The implementation process can be very daunting, and this course will equip attendees with the tools to have the confidence to move forward.

Training aim

Our training aims to prepare you with the skills to:

  • identify what a curriculum without qualifications means and how it can be introduced in colleges
  • examine a curriculum without qualifications and the considerations we need to take
  • explore the benefits of this curriculum and consider the potential problems that may be faced in further education colleges
  • discuss and identify the first steps to developing this curriculum and how it can be achieved  
  • highlight the preparing for adulthood (PFA) agenda and how this can be used to define curriculum, personal goals, and link to EHCPs
  • investigate and identify how the RARPA process can be used to provide an effective method of tracking and monitoring progress and success
  • consider the ways of ensuring quality of provision and standardisation of approach so that the curriculum without qualifications is robust and fit for purpose.


You will have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • explore what a curriculum without qualification offers
  • identify the benefits and potential problems
  • consider first steps in preparing to deliver a curriculum without qualifications
  • identify how preparing for adulthood can support curriculum development
  • reflect on RARPA and how it informs development and delivery
  • identify the importance of quality and standardisation
  • learn from a current provider and parents on their perspective.


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