National Union of Students

Natspec has created a partnership with the National Union of Students (NUS) to establish and facilitate the delivery of our new Student Voice Parliament.

NUS is a confederation of over 600 students’ union from across the UK established in 1922. Throughout their almost 100 year history, the work of NUS has resulted in many positive changes within higher and further education, improving the lives of thousands of students.

As they approach their 100th year, NUS continue to promote, defend and extend the rights of students across the UK. Their experience and dedication to developing students’ unions will be vital in shaping our own learner voice work through the Student Voice Parliament.

Many of our own members are also affiliated to NUS and as such as able to access support in developing their own students’ unions/councils and embedding learner voice into their own college practices. If you are already a member of NUS and want to know more about their development support – or if you are interested in being affiliated to NUS in the future – contact the NUS.