Supporting assistive technology

Natspec has launched TechAbility, a new assistive technology and information technology (AT/IT) project.

TechAbility Logo

It is in partnership with Jisc, the UK higher education, further education and skills sectors’ organisation for digital services and solutions.

The service will be made available to all providers across the FE sector and aims to improve both IT systems and Assistive Technology to enable access to learning for all students with SEND.

Technology Group

Natspec’s Technology Advisory Group meets three times per year and is responsible for driving improvement and sharing good practice across the sector.

Full member colleges can join the meetings or join the virtual network group, via Slack. To join the virtual chat on all things technology related, please contact

Digifest report

Read an article by Ash, a student at Derwen, who attended Digifest to demonstrate their jam labelling equipment

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